Things that every tourist must do if travels to the jungle

The jungle gives us the opportunity to make multiple tourist activities. Not only it dazzle us with the beauty of nature that surrounds us, but also we can do all kinds of activities, which will fill out time with fun, such as the canopy, canoeing, birdwatching, nature photography, to sail in catamaran in the beautiful lakes adorning the Amazon, enjoying delicious cuisine. And to live, essentially an adventure.


The experience begins in the lodge, where we will feel that our bedroom is an annex over the jungle. Its walls are made of wood, of fallen trees by the river’s edge, for not to alter the environment in which we live and every detail will give us an idea not to forget our temporary residence.

The first activity that we propose is the canopy, a sport that gives you the feeling of flying without a rope that hold you. Despite the great variety of trees and the narrow path in the jungle, it has been created very high towers connected only by suspension bridges. So when you cross the suspension bridges, it will be like to walk between the treetops, at a great height, where you will be able to observe many species of animals that live only at this point.

Canoeing is another sport practiced in the jungle. For this we need to consult our travel agency if this service is available in the tour. If we dare to do canoeing we will have special moments, in the boat, which rapidly crosses the stream, while trying not to lose balance with the oars, in each sudden change in water level or swirls.

The Manu National Park, the most diverse place in the planet, has reserved a considerable group of bird’s species to observe, all of them of great color and lively. Birdwatching, in this place, becomes inevitable. Among these birds stand out the macaws used to travel in herds, that overfly the skies making a great noise to communicate between them, as well when they come down to the clay lick, to eat the clay that helps them to digest the chemists of the wild fruits they eat.


There is no tourist without a camera, of many sizes and brands, because pictures are an important part of our trip. In the jungle you will find beautiful landscapes to photograph, many species of plants and animals, beautiful lakes and rivers, the greenery of the forest or a beautiful sunset.

The lakes or natural mirrors of the jungle, are wonderful to watch and navigate. A catamaran or boat will serve for this purpose. While the engine pushes slowly our boat at the Sandoval Lake, for example, passengers have the opportunity to observe, to take pictures and comment about the environment.

And finally the food, which is no less important, where ever we go always something new will surprise us. In Tambopata and Manu, can be enjoyed many eatable fruits, of fish in different preparations, and in other cases, if we have an expert guide, we will be able to go by ourselves to search our own food, something that in the jungle abounds.

We encourage you to visit the jungle of Tambopata and Manu with these tours:

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