The tapir in the heart of the jungle

For a traveler, the rainforest means to see countless species such as mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, in an environment that make an impact for its natural beauty. We encourage you to see the tapir and its charm with us, in Manu. We will ensure that you spend a unique stay, with the comfort and the luxury that you wish.

The tapir is an animal of big size, although they are shy creatures rarely seen, are very active at night. They have a sense of smell and hearing very developed, and use them to notice the presence of potential predators; jaguars, pumas or humans. Before an attack, its main defense strategy is to sneak in dense vegetation or run towards the nearest river or lake, therefore, are said to be excellent swimmers and divers.
To have a close experience with tapirs is not a complicated challenge, you will only have to get to Manu and explore the jungle. This herbivorous animal, will not try to eat us, they will prefer leaves, fruits, buds, flowers or the bark of hundreds of species of plants.
The tapir has been recognized endangered since 1970. The danger exists for the illegal hunt to get its meat and skin. In addition, its habitat has experienced an extensive colonization, because the humid forests and the high plateaus where they live are being burned to development farming and agriculture, an even major threat than the illegal hunt.


This animal measure 1.8 m of length and 0.8 m of height, reaches 150 kg of weight and has not changed in twenty million years. Its dark -thick fur, and its voluminous body, motivate the local’s call them “cow” or “donkey”.
The small trunk in its face is its particularly distinctive, very similar than the trunk of an elephant, without having that disproportionate size; they breathe, consumes liquids, or feeds through its trunk and it is also used as a way to defense and courtship towards the female.
The tapir waits for you in Manu. Discover them with these tours:

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