The Tamandua of the jungle



Lost among the trees and dense vegetation of the Amazon, which shelter all natural an ecosystem full of wildlife, we can find unexpected things we’ve ever seen.

Within the density of the Manu forest, close to water we found a Tamandua, a small mammal that eats insects, relative of the giant anteater, sloth and armadillo; lives in the trees but also hunt ants, bees and termites.

Tamandua means “collector of ants” in Amazonian language. Some Amazonian Indians have them at their houses so they can eat ants. They can grow up to 1.5 mts. and weigh 8 kgs. They’re great climbers thanks to its prehensile tail and curved claws. They are solitary creatures wandering day and night by soil and domed forest. They specialist in finding nests of ants and termites that run away terrified facing this predator.

They are very quick, curious and focused on what they do. Are small jungle explorer, quiet  and easy to photograph. It’s a priority species for conservation, according to the National System of Protected Areas.

Find here more information about Manu.

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