The most elegant bird in Manu


With its blue face, its black skullcap and long occipital feathers, The Capped Heron slowly wanders by  Manu.

This bird has an elegant aspect for its daily routine: fishing and catching other aquatic organisms. They’re usually solitary and difficult to find in the wetlands of the western Amazon, but are often in Manu. They nest in low trees where they usually lay two eggs.

They’re medium size and weigh 0.5 Kg. Live alone, in couples and family groups. They frequent mainly small streams and lakes inside the forest, usually where the water is shallow. During the dry season small congregations of up to 10 birds are observed.

It is one of the attractions for birdwatchers that visit Manu and look for wildlife. Being an animal of slow walking is easy to photograph. A beautiful species to admire.

By Arturo Alva.

Visit the Manu:

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Cock of the Rock 3D/2N

Manu Tended Camp

Bio Trip – Andes to Amazon 6D/5N


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