Sandoval Lake Lodge

Sandoval Lake Lodge is located in Puerto Maldonado. A daily commercial flight from Lima (2 hours) and Cusco (30 minutes) brings you to Puerto Maldonado, a bustling frontier town and the gateway to the Tambopata National Reserve.   Here one of our staff will meet you as you leave the airport arrival area, and will remain with you until you return to the airport to board your flight back to Cusco or Lima.

The Lodge is one extended structure consisting of a large screened main dining room/lounge with 25 fully-screened double-occupancy rooms (50 beds) with private bathrooms with hot shower and toilets, arranged in two wings.

Located in the Tambopata National Reserve, Sandoval Lake Lodge is perched above what many rain forest specialists feel is the most attractive lake in Peru, and provides access to one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet. The Tambopata National Reserve and the adjacent Bahuaje-Sonene National Park, is home to over 20,000 plant species, over 900 species of birds (more than all the species in the continental USA), 91 mammals, 1230 butterflies, 127 amphibians and reptiles, and much more!   It is also a haven for the Amazon’s largest, most spectacular and most endangered predators – the Jaguar, the Giant Otter, the Harpy Eagle and the Black Caiman.

The spacious lodge is built on a hilltop about 30m above the lake and surrounded by primary forest. The lodge was built from salvaged driftwood; the owners pride themselves on the fact that no primary forest was cut during construction (this is also true of some other lodges, though not always mentioned). The rooms, with heated showers and ceiling fans, are the best in the area. The restaurant-bar area is huge, airy and conducive to relaxing and chatting.

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