Saddleback Tamarin of Manu


One of the smallest monkeys that we can find in Manu is the Saddleback Tamarin (Saguinus Fuscicollis), that weighs less than a pound (0.4 kg). It feeds on small fruits, nectar and from insects that are extracted from small holes and cracks that Manu’s larger monkeys cannot reach. The Saddleback Tamarin gets its name from the “saddle” of black, yellow or orange-brown colors on its back.

Saddlebacks travel in family groups that consist of a fertile female, one or more adult males, and their young. Active during the day, they spend their nights sleeping in dense thickets of canopy vines or else deep within the holes of trees. They have a small tail which is used to regulate the balance, this tail is not prehensile therefore is not used to move by the trees.

They are less active in the day than most primates, because in the morning leave the rest relatively late and retire earlier than other species (before sunset).

Walking through the forests of Manu we can find them at the top or we can hear their characteristic sounds of chirping, trills and screeches.

By Arturo Alva.

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