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Manu National Park is one of the best nature destinations for the traveler with exciting jungle tours, bird watching trips and nature expeditions. You will stay in comfortable bungalows in Manu with a perfect combination for Wildlife Observation.

Manu, The name has acquired a legendary mystique among birdwatchers, naturalists, and conservationists throughout  the world. No other park on the planet protects so many bird species, so many plants and animals, as this outstanding wilderness area, only 20% of the entire Amazon has the rich floodplain soils that yield abundant rainforest fruits and support  dense populations of forest wildlife of that area. Enjoy  the thrill of watching jaguars a once in a life-time experience and views the glowing eyes of the caimans (alligators), as we float down the rivers or paddling canoes in the dark, walking at night is an adventure, you will can see bizarre insects , the most diverse vegetation adorned by colorful and vibrant birds,  survival and way of life, or different Mammals and Macaw Clay Lick.

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