Manu National Park has the highest biodiversity in the world

jungleThanks to the monitoring of 60 cameras trap, of TEAM-Network, over 20,000 images of diverse terrestrial species inside Manu were recorded which makes it the place with highest biodiversity in the world. According to Sernanp, cameras were placed during the dry season (May – September).

The images obtained, after being evaluated and classified were admitted to the Image Analysis System of Wildlife, to compare different species found.

After making the respective comparisons with 17 locations of the Red TEAM- NETWORK of Asia, Africa and Latin America, it was determined that Manu is the protected natural area with major terrestrial vertebrates. The data information is on the web page, where 17 areas worldwide are displayed.

The TEAM-Network formed by the International Conservation, the Smithsonian Institute and the Wildlife Conservation Society, is an association that has been monitoring, collecting and distributing current information of the trends of biodiversity, climate, land coverage and ecosystems services of tropical forests of 17 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Manu National Park is recognized worldwide by its great biodiversity, the numerous ecological zones that form it, and for the protection of the Eastern Andes and the Peruvian Amazon. That is why this protected area has been recognized as Natural Heritage of Humanity.

Visit Manu National Park with this tour:

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