Manu a destination to see the smallest monkeys in the world

The Manu National Park, surprise us with its great diversity of fauna. When visiting it is possible to find in every step a new type of animal species. Monkeys are one of them. In many varieties, we find perched in the trees, looking for food, playing and resting. Go to Manu and see these peculiar animals with our tours to the reserve: Manu Tours and Lodges.

Spider Monkey / Ateles chamek

In Manu you can find many types of monkeys, from the Pygmy Marmoset that weighs just 100 grams, known as the smallest variety of the world, to the Black Spider Monkey, which weighs thirteen kilos, the biggest of Manu. Even though they all live the same environment, through scientific studies have determined that each variety exploits a certain type of fruit tree and that this one influences their behavior within their environment.

One of the smallest monkeys in Manu is the Emperor Tamarin, which weighs less than half kilogram. It feeds from small fruits, flower nectar and of insects extracted from the holes for the biggest monkeys.

Saddleback Tamarin / Saguinus fuscicollis

In its English name there is a reference to the black, yellow harness or orange- brown that has in its back and gives a special appearance. These monkeys travel in family groups consisting of a fertile female, one or more males and its babies. They are diurnal animals that spend the night sleeping in the dense forest or in deep holes from the trees.

The big herd of monkeys in Manu, are certainly the Squirrel Monkeys, small golden- brown, which are known worldwide for being domesticated.

In big groups from 20 to 70 individuals, go often looking for food from morning to night. The old saying “union is strength” is well suited for the Squirrel Monkey. This way, while some are busy looking for food, the others remain to lookout for a carnivorous feline, hawk or bird of prey, is seeking to devour them.

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