Heath River Lodge, a hidden paradise


HEATH 02-5D-0404Very close to the border between Peru and Bolivia is located the Heath River Wildlife Center Lodge, a lodge in an unspoiled jungle with an exceptional wildlife.

This special lodge has all the facilities for adventurous visitors and has an access system to two different ecosystems, one called the Pampas del Heath (Savannah), where you can watch the extensive savannah (similar to Africa). It’ll be a great time to look up and photograph the wildlife of the place from the high vantage built in the trees, that give us the best view of the beauty landscape.

On our way to the Heath River we can find lots of birds, reptiles, aquatic plants, until we arrive to the Macaw clay lick, which are colorful birds living in groups that are fed of clay. These birds also can eat fruits and can live between 40 and 60 years in captivity, but it is unclear how long on wildlife.

You can also find on the way herds of Capibaras, which are the largest rodents in the world, weigh about 55 kilograms. Fast and shy animals with high fecundity and fertility that make it the most prolific herbivorous.

There will be much to see and visit the days will be shorter. Being surrounded by the vast vegetation, wet trails behind footsteps of guides in an ethno-botanical walk through the forest, explaining how the natives Ese Ejas from the area use many of the trees and plants for various medicinal purposes, for the creation of bows, arrows and homes. They’ll make your travel an exciting experience that will give you a unique wisdom.

Heath River Lodge: Two Ecosystems Tour 4D/3N

Heath River Lodge: Two Ecosystems Tour 5D/4N

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