Global Big Day: Peru leads the birdwatching in contest


Photo by ©Beto Santillán

Peru leads the contest with 1117 species of birds observed, followed by Brazil with 1,099, Colombia with 831 and USA with 713.

The Global Big Day is a contest sponsored and organized by the eBird and Cornell’s University, “Cornell Lab of Ornithology”, entities that promote the birdwatching worldwide. In this event Peru achieved the highest number of seen birds in the period that lasts the event, compared to other contestant’s countries competitors from the same region.
The deadline to upload in the competition website the birds observed in every country finished on May 12, the overall results showed that Peru took the first place with a total of 1177 birds observed.
The news definitively is a pride for Peru, which consolidates its position as a country with great biodiversity worldwide. The major satisfaction is for the leading ornithological community and birdwatchers of Peru, since the award reveals the great potential of the country to the so-called “birdwatching” or “birding” in the country.
In Peru the cities with more species of registered birds are Madre de Dios with 440 species and Cusco with 428 species. Still it is expected that the “Cornell Lab of Ornithology”, formalize the results.
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