Adventure in the jungle? what you have to bring for your trip

An adventure in the Amazon is a unique experience and you must get ready for it. That`s why you must pack certain things so you have a complete experience. Let us suggest a few things that you will have to consider:

                – A flashlight, if you pretend to explore more the jungle, you must know that during the night many animals of these territories go out, and as you don’t want just to hear them but also to see them, a flashlight will be necessary.

                – A raincoat, remember you are travelling to the jungle, a place where the warm rain will get you wet in a few seconds and if something is for sure you will want to enjoy the natural environment  in adventurous treks.

Manu National Park

©funkz / Flickr

                – Sunscreen, enjoy the weather and the jungle but also protect your skin from the sunlight; a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen will be very necessary for your trip.

                – Comfortable Clothes, preferably cotton that allows your body to sweat and to keep it fresh during the hot and humid typical days of the rainforest.

                –  Insect repellent; you will find in the jungle many kinds of insects, if you are curious you will wish to know more about them and to take as many pictures as you can but don’t forget that is necessary to protect your skin against bites.

               – Binoculars, will be useful to observe more in detail the birds, different kind of animals and all that you could not approach.

©Patty Ho/Flickr

©Patty Ho/Flickr

Inkanatura Travel has many tours to the Jungle; whether you choose the Tambopata National Reserve or the Manu National Park. In both places the adventure is guaranteed. You will enjoy tours into the jungle, boats excursion in the Sandoval Lake, treks to see the animals closely, insects and birds that will wait for you in this wonderful natural environment.

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