A few days of adventure in the Sandoval Lake Lodge with Giant Otters

Staying at the Sandoval Lake Lodge, is spending a few days relaxing in the middle of the jungle and away from the noise of the city. This lodge was built on the edge of one of the most beautiful lakes in Tambopata, The Lake Sandoval, allowing visitors to walk around to admire the beautiful natural landscape, as well as to sail by boat on the calm green waters, inhabited by various types of animals.

The slight water ripples announced the arrival of the giant round body and dark brown color, king of the lake. Suddenly it will disappear diving into the depths of the lake, then it will appear again within a few minutes with a group of silver fish in the mouth. The fishes will struggle to leave their slippery palms, but the long sharp nails will prevent.

With its small flattened head, not bigger than a human head, its long mustache, slightly bulging eyes, a tail as a rudder and huge muscular body, makes it the largest giant otters of the river.

Otters are grouped in family crowds to attack its preys. For this strategy to hunt in groups, very similar to the wolves, has been granted the Spanish name of Giant Otter.

A few decades ago its habitat was throughout South America from Venezuela to northern Argentina. Today it has been limited to small areas in the rainforest, for the vast commercialization of its skin over the past century. It is currently declared endangered.

They have managed to survive in remote jungle regions, in small groups, with very few resources. For its daily food supply they need three or four kilograms of fish a day.

Both, the Manu National Park and the Tambopata Reserve have turned into a scenario for its conservation. The Sandoval Lake Lodge is one of its last natural refuges where you can find them in all its brilliance. We invite you to visit them with the following tours.

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