A boat trip to Sandoval Lake

Get deep in the Tambopata National Reserve is to find more than two thousand different species of wild animals that live in the hot waters of Sandoval Lake and its surrounding areas. Sandoval Lake is not that big, is about 3km and is slightly deep, maximum 3 meters, but you will be impressed for its beauty.

After arriving to Puerto Maldonado`s airport the guides lead us through the city up to the dock, here we begin a trip to the magnificent Madre de Dios River for about 25 minutes. Afterwards, we walk a path of full vegetation to reach to Sandoval Lake and finally to our lodge.

©Alex Guerrero/Flickr

©Alex Guerrero/Flickr

In order to enjoy the landscape, to observe most animals and to take the best pictures we must combine the boat excursions and the guided tours through the forest. The guides can lead us very well on these roads while they tell us wonderful stories about the jungle.

When the night comes the best thing to do is to stay in the lodge, on the riverbanks, it is built of a rustic material, but very comfortable. The electric power is limited, but at nights you can see candles all over the lodge which is very romantic and very nice when you travel in couples.

In the jungle we can find many animals on its wild conditions, some endangered species such as the giant otters or the jaguars, and if we risk entering to the deep forest we will find to monkeys or the caimans. For the birdwatchers, in one of the tours you can take pictures to the paujil, the macaws, the hoatzin or the Harpy Eagle. It is an exciting experience.

And the more you get into that area the more impressed you`ll get not only by the animals but also by plants that adorn the landscape with their shapes and colors, such as the natural springs, the orchids, the mahoganies or the Mauritia flexuosa palms.

To live this experience you must contact Inkanatura Travel and we will plan a trip according to your expectations. Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay in these places.

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